Filthy E-Mail #243.

5 Feb

Dear Monica,

Thanks so much for last night.
Everything was perfect: the dinner, the drinks, the after-dinner play.
I love everything we do together.

But I have a proposal.
An experiment, really.
A exploration.

Sometimes I think about it being me who fucks you.
(And remember, please, I love love love what you do me and my cunt. So much. It is that love that makes me want to show you and your cunt the worlds me and mine have seen, because of you.)

When I think about fucking you I think about just how wide and deep you could be fucked, and how we might then work on making that depth and width, deeper and wider.

It will start small – the first night will be just measuring.
You’ll be slightly scared and yet still feel safe.
And hot, with anticipation and curiosity about the unknown.
I’ll lay you down on your back.
Then scoop you up a bit, to put a rolled towel between your shoulder blades.
When I put you back down you will find your chest and breasts are arching into the air.

And then we’ll see just how much your nipples can swell.
First I’ll measure them, using, I don’t know – a set of calipers? See how big they are, each one.
I’ll do it slow, and stroke your breasts while doing it.
I’ll be murmuring to you, telling you how beautiful you are, how exquisite it is when your breathing arches your breasts just that little bit higher.
I’ll write down the numbers in some code in a little notebook.

Then I’ll gently paint your nipples, with a paste of capsicum and olive oil.
The heat of the hot pepper will draw your nipples outwards and redden them up.

And while that’s happening, I’ll move down to between your legs and measure how deep your vagina is. I’ll use something very narrow.
I won’t be looking to get you off or fill you up. So I’ll use a speculuum first, slowly get it into you, give it that little twist and then lock it open.

First I’ll have a good long look.
Then I’ll use some thin plastic rod, and ever so gently see how far it can go in you. I’ll write that number down.
By then your hot tits and exposed cunt will be calling for a fuck.
You won’t get it. Not yet.
This will be about science! Notation! Base line measurement!
But I’ll be telling you how sweet you are, how soft, how fuckable.

Then I’ll take out the speculuum, close your legs and check on your tits. That capsicum will have made your nipples swell. Your chest will heave with your breathing. We both will admire them, I am sure, their deep red, the way they have grown from tiny wild strawberries to thick bulbous raspberries, huge and soft. No matter what you say to me, “Suck Them!” or “Please!” or “Drink! Drink! Drink!”, I will not.

And then one last measurement for the first night: The width of what you can take when you’re fucked. I’ll have a few things there, and I won’t let you see them. I’ll get back between your legs and even thought you’ll be wet, I’ll wet you more, baste you with warm oil, and then start with a smallish size, the head of a usual dildo. I’ll put it in just enough to see if it slips in.
Just an inch or so.
And then the next, a little bigger and maybe one more.
I’ll write down the diameter and the look on your face and whatever you report.
And then maybe a third, just a bit wider, and if you stop having words and have only grunts, that will be the end for the first night. You’ll be so good.

In the nights to come we’ll work together, on you, with you, at you and at you and at you, and we’ll see how much bigger your tits can swell, how much deeper your cunt can go, how wide you can spread. And more. I’m curious: on your hands and knees, with a dildo in your mouth, how far back can you get your ass in order to get a fuck you are begging for? After the grunts, what do your animal noises sound like? And more. With you, always more.

But my love, this is just a proposal. If it isn’t anything that appeals to you, just press ‘delete’, and we’ll never speak about it.

As always,


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